It’s not just gym class

Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University is doing its part to mold young bodies, as well as minds. Since 2006, students with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher have been required to take three hours of physical fitness classes per week in order to receive their degrees. While I agree with the Lincoln’s direction, I think physical education should be a schoolwide endeavor.  All students should be required to take some sort of physical education class in order to receive a degree, not just those who fall into certain categories.Your BMI doesn’t have a direct correlation to how healthy your lifestyle is.  You can have a BMI in the normal range of 18 – 22 and still live an unhealthy lifestyle full of burgers, milkshakes and greasy Cook Commons pizza.Lincoln’s policy is trying to fix a problem after the fact, when preventative measures are what are really called for.  Waiting until someone is in the obese range before trying to curb his or her lifestyle is like trying to stop teen pregnancy by teaching about abortion rather than abstinence — you’ve already missed the boat.    Lincoln may be waiting too long to teach physical education, but they don’t beat around the bush with this policy. It says straight up: “How you’re living is unhealthy and dangerous, and it’s time to take steps to change that lifestyle.”  In the fattest country in the world, you would assume stricter physical education policies would be popping up everywhere, but instead, many schools are cutting their physical education requirements — I’m looking at you, UVM.Producing educated and healthy young men and women should be component of every university nationwide.  If UVM takes the time to teach an entire class about Disney movies, shouldn’t they also take the time to teach people to eat more fruits and vegetables and to exercise at least a couple times a week?UVM should bring back its P.E. requirements. Lincoln University has the right idea, even if it has the wrong execution.  After all, what good is a degree if you are too unhealthy to take advantage of it?