Kendra Bowers

Be spontaneous, be kind and live your life.

These were a few of the words written on Kendra BowersÕ list of goals for how to live her life.

She was a person who could always put a smile on your face. Beautiful inside and out, Kendra was the type of person that you just couldnÕt forget.

Maybe it was her contagious smile, her indecisive yet stubborn personality, or her selflessness that set Kendra apart and left those whom she met with this inexplicable happiness.

However the spirit that Kendra possessed is not lost.

Whether you knew her well enough to make fun of her for the green penguin pajama pants she wore or just knew her in passing, that spirit she had has been dispersed into each and every one of us.

As a community, we experienced the pain of KendraÕs passing together, we mourned together and we continue to support each other.

We at the Cynic believe that is what makes this campus community so special.

You may not have known her, but Kendra, her friends and her family have been in the thoughts of us all.

But when that pain gets hard, remember her spirit, and hold onto it.

Remember KendraÕs Ray Bans, remember her fashion sense, remember her love for dessert. Remember that we all have something to learn from Kendra.

Some of us delay and put off living our lives. Between our planning and preparing for the future we forget to take this moment we have now and live in it, truly live in it.

This wasnÕt Kendra.

She was the exception. She was spontaneous, she was kind, she lived her life.

When she made up her mind about something she stuck to her guns and never took no for an answer.

If she wanted to do something, she did it. If she didnÕt know how, sheÕd learn. If people doubted her, she didnÕt care.

Now weÕll leave you with this, donÕt let the loss of Kendra be in vain.

Take that spirit that sheÕs given us and use it. DonÕt make plans; be spontaneous in everything you do. DonÕt hold in your anger; be kind to those who you meet. DonÕt wish for the future; live for right now. Live for Kendra.