Last call

Like white on rice in a snow storm in April, I’m usually pretty good at staying on top of things. But is it just me or has the end of this year just come and sneaked up on us like a long-forgotten dentist appointment? It’s like one minute I was on skis and spreading holiday cheer and the next I’m eyeball deep in work and drowning in final papers and projects.I guess I’ve been in a state of bewilderment; I’ve been thinking so much about the hows, whats, whys and wheres I never really took the time to figure out my whens. Now, with the third senior class I’ve seen come and go, I’m at a loss for words. Yep, believe it or not, kids, Farley’s got nothing witty to say for a send off.Sorry.I’ve spent the last few days racking my brain, hoping a choice nugget of wit remained. With no luck, I’ve decided to do what I’ve learned to do best in college: Wing it and hope for the best!And then one night I was driving up Pearl Street in the rain, and I couldn’t help but think to myself how fast time flies and how quickly life sneaks up on you, when a biker, blinded by the rain perhaps, cuts in front of my car against a light and cruises right on by. Slamming on the brakes I took a breath and thought “Damn, he should’ve looked both ways.”Then the wit I had been waiting for hit me! Everything made so much sense in that brief instant — what they say about time flying and things sneaking up on you really is true — one minute you’re on top of your game and the next your laying in the street, wishing you had looked both ways.And that’s kind of how life is.But wait — before you roll your eyes like you’ve heard this a thousand and three times, just hear me out. I’m not an authority figure, I’m not some old sage full of wise advice to push on you and shove down your throat. Nope, I’m just a guy with a keyboard to use and words at his disposal.Between binge drinking, parties, frisbee and longboarding, we were meant to do something here in college, something important. We were meant to prepare ourselves for life, the same way high school prepped us for college and so on. But what now?You’re headed off in your little cap and gown with a plan or ready to wing it and hope for the best like me and step into the street.Has college prepped you for the real world? Are you ready for what awaits you?I hope it has.But remember, all the lessons and grades and lectures and papers you wrote can prepare you for what may come, but it’s what you won’t expect to come that will get you.So now it’s last call, and if you haven’t learned  anything from me all year except how the world is a little more skewed than you thought, take just one last piece of advice from me: Don’t forget to look both ways before you step out into the world. You never know who might be out there, waiting to hit you with their car.