Letter to the editor: Add Lofts to makeover agenda

I wrote recently regarding the debacle of the Redstone Lofts and how this abysmal building could ever have come into being.

So itÕs with great excitement to read in the Cynic that the trustees and administration are focused on residential renewal, building and reinvention!

While the plan to demolish the shoeboxes is in place (where I lived freshman year in Chittenden) and is very good, why not include the Redstone Lofts and just start over?

ItÕs certainly dismaying and problematic to hear prospective parents with their kids in tow wondering aloud at how monstrously ugly this building is Ñ friends and myself overheard these comments while following a tour of the structure during last homecoming.

ItÕs certainly time for UVM to wake up and realize what an asset a beautiful, well planned campus is in all aspects of its existence. Most importantly, it needs to have the right people in place with the appropriate credentials to guide it.

Best regards,

David Beitzel Ô80