Letter to the Editor: Bob Just

Dear Editor,

There is only so much one individual can take, and frankly, I’m completely fed up. 

For too long I have sat back and hoped that the situation would rectify itself or that some epiphany would occur.

However, this has not happened and now I must widely vocalize my opinion. BOB JUST IS NOT FIT TO REPRESENT UVM.
Like, Just I am a leader on campus and I am appalled at the way he handles himself and the position of power he holds.

Everyone is fallible, but Just has taken it way too far.

It starts at the beginning of this year when Just joined myself and others as an Advocat.

Admissions were required to change its payment policies from a stipend to an hourly wage because we were in violation of federal law.

Although a system was put in place that would pay each Advocat the correct amount they were entitled to, Just found this to be unacceptable. His contradictions began when he stated that he would do the Advocat position for free, but because money was involved apparently we were not being paid enough.

His argument was that since he could be paid $10 per hour for work study, this should be the same amount — if not more — for Advocats because we “do more work.”

The implemented payment system regardless if it were on a stipend or by hour basis was the same, however money still was an issue for Just.

His actions greatly upset myself, a third year Advocat, and other veteran employees because we had no complaints and understood what needed to be done, while Just had barely begun the work he was asked to do.

Just’s opinions on the matter, which he referred to as an “injustice”, which is problematic in itself, caused him to be asked to leave the position.
In great fashion, Just left the Advocat program at the beginning of the fall semester and took up a new cause right away with IRA.

As I am sure the greater UVM community knows, this issue involved IRA Executive Board members and the payment for their work.

Once again, Just found it less important to serve his community and instead worry about how much he was going to be paid to do it. 

I obviously did not support the increase for multiple reasons.

I believe I share my anger with many other individuals on this campus, especially those of us who hold leadership positions. As an RA, I take great pride in my service and do not try to seek out personal gain.

It appears Just is the complete opposite.
A couple of weeks ago Just decided to once again make his name known to the UVM community through a letter to the editor in The Cynic.

Just informed us all that he was dropping out of the SGA presidential race. Perhaps I was in the minority, but I didn’t even know he was running.
Other than to stroke his own ego, why must Just let us know of his decision to not run?

If you’re not going to run Bob, don’t run, I’ll remember not to vote for you when I look at my ballot.

He also said that he “firmly agreed” with the buzz on campus that he “was motivated by self-interest” and had “no regard for the student voice.”

Then, at the end of the letter, despite the words just spoken, Just expressed interest in representing IRA on a national level.

If you can’t even grasp the voice of UVM, Bob, why on earth would we want you to represent UVM nationally?!
    I gave Just another chance, however.

I thought that maybe this letter was the beginning of his redemption and the chance to become a new person.

But that all ended tonight, when I went to go and see Jon Stewart. I personally showed up three hours before the show began because I wanted a good seat.

So naturally when the doors opened, I got the best seat I could: the fifth row.

I did not get the front row because the first three rows were reserved for people with disabilities and others.

Just decided to show up 20 minutes before the show and proceeded to the front reserved section. 

Upon being told the seats were reserved, Just continued to float around the reserved section talking to staff members and security officials about the situation.

Then, five minutes before the show began: Just sat in the front row in the reserved section and remained there for the entirety of the show.
Just does not see himself as a UVM student, or a typical individual, but rather a cut above the rest.

He does not understand that if you show up late you are expected to sit accordingly and not invite yourself — and your guest — to premium seating.

That section was for those who already have a hard enough time living in this world due to how we temporarily able-bodied individuals forget about their hardships and the accommodations they may need. 

Apparently, Just thought he was entitled to that seat and promptly rewarded it to himself.
    This is my call to the UVM community to stand up to the people who represent us and demand better. 

Those of us who serve you are no better and no worse and should be held accountable for our actions.

It takes great courage to admit that you’re wrong and that you have some self-reflection to do and for that Just is to be commended.

However, it is also in these times that those in power usually step away from the spotlight until their issues are fixed, because these issues usually are detrimental to their role.

I therefore ask Just to complete his IRA presidency and to walk away — for he has already caused too much damage to multiple institutions that others have tried so hard to build.

Although I may not be here next year, I do care about students and how their voice is represented.

Whether you agree or disagree with me, you have a voice that can and should be heard. Use it. 

Gef Gove
Class of 2009