Letter to the editor: Bottled up anger

Dear Editor,After reading the article about VSTEP encouraging the University to stop selling bottled water, I couldn’t hold my tongue. Honestly? Who does it help for us to stop selling bottled water? The last time I checked it was flu season and drinking fluids, healthy ones, is a good way to stay healthy. This would be extremely hindered by not having bottled water sold on campus. Not only that, but drinking water on a regular basis is healthy and many people who only drink bottled water will lose their ability to do so as easily on campus. I understand we pride ourselves at UVM on being environmentally conscious and sustainable. I get that. But I also like the fact that we can purchase water on campus when needed. To be perfectly honest, it is a pain to have to constantly fill a water bottle. I don’t like to have to find a water bottle refill station, which are, to my knowledge, only located in the Davis Center. I understand that most bottled water is tap water. But, to me, bottled water is not purchased for the taste or quality.  It is purchased for the convenience. And anyone who says that it is easy and convenient to carry the same water bottle and fill it up at the Davis Center is simply lying.I agree and understand that bottled water isn’t great for sustainability or the environment as a whole. However, I also know that water is one of the healthiest fluids to drink, and making it unavailable to be purchased on campus would be a travesty. I don’t even purchase bottled water on a regular basis, but it’s nice to know that I can if I want to.Sincerely,Justin JowettClass of 2010