Letter to the editor: Getting by, the best I can

What is up with Bianca Mohns article in the Nov. 1 issue about lecture hall villains?

We are all here for the same reason: to earn a degree and, consequently, get a job. And we will all hopefully accomplish that by whatever method of lecture hall attendance we choose.

I found Ms. Mohns article to be incredibly ignorant and close-minded toward those of us who have more going on in our life other than class. The only villain I can identify is the one telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

I respect that the classroom is a place of learning, and learning is what I intend to do during the lectures that I sit through, but it is not Ms. Mohns kingdom where everyone shall bow down to her and oblige to do what she wants.

I have just as much desire to pass my classes as Ms. Mohn, but I have personal issues in my life that are a higher priority to me than class. So Im a villain? Does that mean I shouldnt be allowed to take classes with the rest of the heaven-sent, attention-paying disciples of academia?

Perhaps the solution to Ms. Mohns problem is that she spends all her time stereotyping and judging everyone else who sits in her classroom rather than paying attention. I think she should take her own advice and be considerate of others and we will live happily ever after.