Letter to the Editor: Go Vegan

Dear Editor,In response to your article “Animal rights group seeks to widen circle of compassion” on April 14, it was wonderful to see that members of Students for True Animal Rights (STAR) are promoting a compassionate vegan lifestyle on campus.  With more and more students becoming educated about the ways that animals suffer when raised and killed for food, there is an increasing demand for delicious and cruelty-free meals.  In fact, a recent study by Aramark, a leading food service provider, concluded that nearly a quarter of college students are actively seeking vegan options when they sit down to eat, for reasons ranging from their own health, environmental concerns and, of course, cruelty to animals.Students   are  understandably horrified when they discover that chickens on factory farms often have their beaks sliced off with hot blades or that many cows and pigs are skinned and dismembered while they’re still fully conscious.  If these kinds of abuses were inflicted upon cats or dogs, it would result in felony animal cruelty charges.Thankfully, with tasty and healthful dishes widely available, such as veggie BBQ “riblets” and vegan pizza, it’s never been easier to cut animal abuse out of your diet for good.  For more information, visit peta2.com to request a free vegetarian starter kit, as well as stickers and a DVD. Sincerely,Ryan HulingCollege Campaign Coordinator,peta2.com