Letter to the editor: Growing as a person

Dear Editor,

In the February 14th edition of the Cynic, an opinion article debated the value of sexual health education. The two arguments prompted us here at Living Well to let folks know what we believe about sexual health education.

As many of you know, Living Well is a health resource center located in the Davis Center and is part of the Center for Health and Wellbeing.

Living Well proposes that your college career is about growing as an entire person. How one engages in sexual health is part of that growth.

Healthy discussion about sex is not something many have witnessed, never mind practiced. Living Well strives to change that.

Some people do not want to be sexual with other people, some people want to be sexual with a lot of people and some people dont know what they want.

It is through conversations about physically and emotionally healthy behaviors that people are able to decide what choices they will make and have the skills and knowledge to act upon those choices. Individuals making healthy personal choices also create a healthy community.

These conversations could be about condoms (internal and external) and dental dams to protect you from unintended pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Or they could be about safety, your body and your emotions.

Here at Living Well, we provide college health education based on the seven domains of wellness. Sexual Health education is part of all the domains of wellness: diversity/social justice, emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual. Our goal is to empower UVM students through education and advocacy to make healthy decisions.


Living Well Staff