Letter to the editor: Jobs are our priority

Dear Editor,

Your article, Career Services needs work, dean suggests, (February 21, 2013) did not report my views accurately and left the wrong impression in the minds of your readers about Career Services at UVM.

In a paraphrase the article reports on my views: President Sullivan asked Rizvi to reevaluate Career Services because it was not consistent with his strategic plan, Rizvi said. But I didnt say this.

As you point out in the editors notes below, the word not did not appear in the submitted article but was mistakenly added to this sentence during editing.

This word changes the meaning of the sentence completely, of course. And it led to a headline that portrayed Career Services as needing work when the gist of what I was saying was that it needed support.

The work that Career Services does is indeed consistent with President Sullivans strategic plan.

Preparing students for vibrant and engaging lives after they graduate is an important goal, one in which Career Services needs the assistance of many others.

We are seeking to build a distinguished campus-wide career culture that strengthens connections between the Universitys career preparation efforts and its students, faculty members, academic advisers, parents, alumni, and employers.

It is too bad that the addition of a single word in an otherwise commendable article left that wrong impression about this important effort on behalf of our students.

Yours truly,

Abu Rizvi

Dean of the

Honors College