Letter to the editor: Reader asks Cynic to button up

Dear Editor,

I would like to compliment the staff of the Cynic for its continued endeavor to report on all things UVM. I appreciate the papers efforts to balance itself as a viable news source while remaining edgy to retain the attention of its target population college students.

The Cynic has taken this a step too far, however, with the nonsensical objectification on the cover of its Valentines Day issue. Because, while this Sexy Issue is meant to be the Cynic unbuttoned, the only thing truly unbuttoned in this issue is the cover models shirt.

Besides the cleavage gracing the cover, the photo posted online the night before with an alternate cover titled Something big is coming with a suggestively half-naked male, is equally concerning.

Within this issue, there is no explanation for the displays of skin, no caption or follow-up article. The somewhat forced theme of romance and sex is present, but the cover is only implicitly connected to these stories, which simply leaves room for a shady interpretation.

These are interpretations that could accuse the Cynic of objectifying women and men. Or maybe the newspaper has decided to just throw some skin on its cover for more student readers. Perhaps the Cynic has decided to embrace its naked culture and become a porn magazine its all up for interpretation.

This sleazy marketing strategy is definitely an attention grabber, and a totally unwarranted one. The choice is ultimately not risqu only tacky.

As a student and reader of the college newspaper, I expect and encourage the Cynic to discuss real life and the interests of its target population including sex. Push buttons, make innuendos, talk about these issues but I would encourage the paper to do so in a way that is tasteful and does not involve selling itself.


Class of 2014