Letter to the Editor: Student demands descretion

Dear Editor,We understand the importance of free speech, and we understand the importance of having every student’s voice heard.However, to publish that tasteless Letter to the Editor trashing Bob Just is simply disgraceful. This is not about whether or not you like Bob Just, or whether or not you agree with his leadership style in IRA.This is about maintaining someone’s dignity — not using a public forum to air personal vendettas against a fellow student.There is really no excuse to subject anyone to hurtful words about a young man who has clearly put himself out there in our University.Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion about every individual on our campus, but there is a time and a place to voice concerns and blatantly trashing someone to the entire UVM community through the school’s newspaper is not exactly dignified.We are disgusted that when we opened our campus newspaper, one that has been around for over a century, we immediately felt like we had logged on to the former juicycampus.com.Use some discretion when publishing letters that mirror slander. It is not classy.Sincerely,Jennifer LehmanPi Beta Phi Chapter PresidentClass of 2010