Letter to the editor: Too scary to ignore

Dead editor, I wanted to thank you for publishing “Jokes?” by Brian Kelly. Too often the topics of roofies and sexual assaults are tossed around for comedic relief, when in reality they are both terrifying and serious. With one out of three women being victims of abuse world-wide, this is hardly a laughing matter. Kelly is absolutely correct in asking “How many of the perpetrators made roofie jokes that went unchecked by acquaintances that didn’t want to seem overly sensitive?” We need to raise awareness that under no circumstances should roofies and assaults be used as joke materials. Zero tolerance is the way to go – when you hear a casual reference, speak up. Letting people go unchecked only enforces their perception that it is acceptable to laugh about abuse. Printing Kelly’s letter to the editor is one step in the right direction, but the Cynic can do even more to address roofies and sexual abuse. Articles teaching self-defense moves would be an excellent resource for students and the community, along with promotions for help centers. Students need to realize that being a victim of abuse is not their fault, and that seeking help is nothing to be ashamed about. As Kelly writes, we need more dialogue on this issue. It is certainly not the most pleasant topic, but it is one that students often think will never happen to them. It is time for a reality check – rape is real, and 76 percent of the time it is by someone the victim knows. As the Cynic functions as the voice of students, I ask that you continue to feature articles condoning this issue, along with preventative information and self-protecting tips.   Sincerely, Bianca Mohn Class of 2015