Looking back at Obama’s trip to Vt.


Obama came to Vermont, made a glorious entrance, a passionate speech and a quick exit. But now that the dust is settling, many are starting to question the impact of the president’s visit and his actions while here. 

This was not your typical presidential visit. While Obama may have sounded like a hero by “resetting the clock” with the first presidential visit to Vermont, he was here for one reason: to extract money. 

The $30,000 buy-in to lunch with the president was one thing. It’s expected. But having no public events is a little rough. The lowest available price to see the president was a “bargain” $44 ticket that sold out quickly. 

This was not your typical presidential visit. Vermont state police told WCAX they are concerned that they won’t see payment from their assistance in the motorcade. They were apparently volunteering for the Obama campaign without even knowing it.

Yes, it seems that even the taxpayers are unwillingly contributing to the president’s bid for reelection. We at the Cynic have a problem with that.

This was not your typical presidential visit. From the standpoint of the media, it was very difficult to cover. Press passes were assigned at the last minute and once press were allowed into the event, they were corralled in a “Press Hold” room by Secret Service and forced to miss the first half of the event. 

Obama came to the University of Vermont campus and earned a lot of money from people while he was here. So what did he give back to UVM?

There of course was no presidential meal at the grundle, there was no Obama guest lecture, but that isn’t a problem.

It would have been nice if Obama had taken time to talk to students, a part of the youth demographic that helped him get elected in 2008. 

But no, the president could not take 5 mintues of his time and instead hopped back on Air Force One and flew to Maine. 

Yes, it is great that the president stopped by. But the way that he did has left Vermont feeling used, a little dirty and in need of a cold shower.