Media is overstepping its boundries

Imagine working at an office where every day, millions of people judged your every decision. You didn’t inform them of your actions. It wasn’t even people representing you that informed them, but people with little to no experience regarding your job and that you probably don’t even know. On top of that, they would follow you home after work and analyze your family life and every bit of your past for imperfections.This is what the media puts politicians through every day.Now, I’m not one to be soft on politicians. They often do and say ridiculous things that the nation should know about, but at some point, the media becomes downright invasive.People wonder why political issues take so long to resolve. Why did the health care bill take so long to get through? Why are there still two wars going on?The media has transformed itself from a once unbiased and necessary force that served as protection for the people, into a blanket of muck that slows down and traps any useful message trying to get through.Instead of issues of importance being analyzed and discussed, every single aspect of a politician’s life is now open for questioning.In the past, the relationship between media and politicians was one of respectful rivalry. The press covered the political issues but realized at the same time that politicians are not and will never be perfect.The press covered the JFK administration very closely and often criticized his decisions and policies. However, they never once drew into question his extramarital affairs or his family life.Today, the media has no qualms about exposing every detail of a politician’s life.I agree that transparency is needed for a stable democracy, and the need for free and unbiased press will never go away, but the media has gone too far.I couldn’t care less what kind of dog Obama has or if John Edwards cheated on his wife. That has absolutely nothing to do with politics.Does no one else find it completely absurd that there are 24-hour news stations in the first place? The premise states empirically that there is news every second of every day. This is nonsense.The point of the media is not to overwhelm the public with idiotic and useless information but to take that information and funnel it into a useful form.Ultimately, the media has completely lost track of its original purpose. It has become biased, lazy and often reports false or unconfirmed information. If this pattern of un-news and un-fact continues, the integrity and legitimacy of the nation itself may be in jeopardy.