Mister Happy is Senor Sad

To the Editor:

Regarding that hate piece by John Long, a.k.a. Mr. Happy, trashing Ken Lawless, you should know (as we’ve had to warn every incoming class at UVM each year) that John Long is a pathetic loser who brings out the worst in people. He is a self-confessed racist who hates everybody and everything except the Nazi Party. Ask him. He’ll openly admit it.

Ken Lawless has been a good friend of mine over the last five years during which time he’s always lived at the same apartment. He is NOT a “clown” or “attention-seeking idiot,” but rather, he is a person who speaks from the heart and is one who cares deeply about other people. He is greatly valued throughout the community as a man of peace who frequently goes out of his way to help his fellow human being. He is motivated by love, not ego.

What is unfortunate and sad is that a stupid maggot like John Long exists. He is one who opens his big mouth only to disseminate hate. His is a mouth that is without the majority of its teeth from all the times he has spouted his racist arrogance at the wrong minority who has promptly bashed his little diseased head into the concrete of the sidewalk. Apparently, Long is getting tired of getting his ass kicked by the mere mortals he believes he’s better than, so now, like a coward, he singles out Ken, who is a non-violent gentleman.

That parasite has yet to attack me with his Nazi bullshit as he did my brother, but that’s probably because he knows that without that last tooth, he’ll be sucking food through a straw.