Money speaks louder than students

“First they came for the English majors, but I didn’t speak up.Then they came for my major, but by that time, there was no one left to speak up for me.”These are the modified words of author and theoligian Martin Niemoller — an unknown man, perhaps, to some of you non-english majors ­— who wrote about the atrocity of not speaking up for others.If anyone has been paying attention to the budget cuts, they’d know that the English department won’t be the same.Who cares, you say?Before writing a letter to the editor saying that your chemistry degree is superior to my English degree, first thank whoever taught you to write before putting your pen to paper.It’s not simply because I am an english major that I feel so strongly about this issue, but rather, social indifference.If it doesn’t affect you, why should you care?Well, I don’t play baseball or softball, but I care about them.I don’t know the majority of non-English staff being fired, but I care about them.And your major may not be getting downsized, but I will care when it does.That’s right, I said it — when.The programs that I and so many others hold dear are being cut — much like the baseball and softball teams — for one simple reason: money.You see, it all comes down to money. The quality of our education boils down to facts and figures, dollar signs, hard currency and how many zeros come before the decimal.And if money were not the reason, the administration would have no problem taking pay cuts and keeping every teacher and every program.I find it inexcusable that a former English professor turned President could slash such an integral part of our University.This move speaks volumes about the administration’s opinions about what is or isn’t important to this University.The administration speaks of frugality, yet they’re building a new $55 million Plant and Soil Sciences building, when all I want are my professors who make less than $100k per year to keep their jobs.Did you know mainstream science is pushing the use of robotics in labs because they perform experiments more efficiently, accurately and cheaply than a human could?Does this mean our precious sciences are next on the chopping block because they will no longer generate a profit?I ask myself everyday why money rules the world.What I’ve realized is that money rules the world because it talks, while everyone else is silent.