Mudsliding through midterms

Chaos reigned on Redstone Campus Thursday night as a flash flood turned to a campus-wide mudslide and brawl. The rain took full impact sometime around 10:00 PM. Within one hour, almost five hundred students were out, barely clothed, slipping and sliding as if they were children—and having the greatest time of their lives. “It was just a great experience,” sophomore Josh Sirois said, covered in mud. “It really breaks the flow of exams and studying.” Disorder ran rampant as some sprinted naked across the campus, slathered in mud. “At one point I saw a guy running across the field in what I thought was his underwear — then I realized he was naked,” first-year Matt Hall said. Events like this seemed crucial to many students as a true college experience, even if it came at the cost of some injuries. “I love the enthusiasm of it all, and UVM students,” sophomore Sophie Anderson said. “We just like to have fun.” Many seemed concerned with safety and sustained injuries. “People were falling and hurting themselves,” sophomore Kelly Samaris said. Injuries got serious as people slid down the hill into a crowd of other people — and rocks. A cry of “medic” was heard early in the evening, and countless wounds that would take over weeks to heal were seen. “Even the ambulance was out there,” first-year Julie Montera said. Other people still were concerned with cleanliness. “It’s a mess for our cleaning staff,” junior Michele Karode said. Mud covered the walls, floors, and doors in residence halls. While some students returned to their residence halls to clean, others refused. “Not my hill, not my problem,” sophomore Dan Asam said. Many people were also concerned about the financial implications this could have on them. “We’re probably going to get charged for it,” first-year Emma Lapierre said. Showers were occupied until past 1 a.m. with students hoping to clean themselves from the filth that clung to their bodies and hair. Some responsible students took to the halls with paper towels and cleaning solution, wiping up their messes. Some students didn’t partake — RAs were inside, forced to watch and envy the throng of students sliding down the hill. “We’re super jealous we couldn’t go out,” junior RA Meredith Turteltaub said. A mess of dirty students scrambled back to their dorms on Redstone, bloody and weary, having forgot of misplaced their CatCards. Even if students got dirty or injured, many said they didn’t regret what happened on Thursday night. “It was one of those few moments — you just always remember it,” sophomore Ben Davis said.