No Point to NASA

Why does NASA bend the walls of Space and Time with their sucktasticness?

I’ll tell you why they have no mision. Back in the trippy ’60s they had a purpose. Beat the Russians to the moon or die trying. That was good, a little obsessive, but good. The American people supported NASA back then. They were heroes even, combating the cosmonauts in single combat with rockets and monkeys in shiny pajamas.

But after they trotted on the Moon five times what then? Nothing.

NASA did absolutely nothing of any great interest for 15 years. The only real exploration that NASA tried out between the Apollo and space shuttle was freakn’ Sky Lab, the biggest do’h move in history, as it crashed in the Australian outback.

After NASA finally got the space shuttle off the ground which was in no way needed since the Saturn V series had a flawless record and was a hell of a lot cheaper it exploded a mile up because of gross negligence on the part of their tired old administration staff. Not to mention the fact that our heroic astronauts are starting to go crackers and plan to kill their lover’s lover while wearing a wig.

Here we are at least 15 years from returning to the moon and over 30 years away from Mars, the Bernel Spheres and O’Neil Cylinders are at least hundred years away, the International Space Station has gone way over budget, way over deadline and worst of all no one cares.

So few in the general public give a damn about space any more since, it seems so hopeless to put our faith in the bubbling fools at NASA. The only real hope for contin-ued space exploration seems to lie in the hands of private enterprise with Burt Rutan and Virgin Galactic with their little SS1, that can make it to space and unlike the shuttle not blow up.

So here we are in 2007, and NASA has no goal, no aspirations and no support. And we who dream of space must put our hopes no longer in the inflexible government, but in a bunch of loonies out in the Californian desert with a dream, some money and a lot of free time.