No stress for Valentine’s day

Feb. 14th is rolling around the corner.

With all the chocolate, valentines and pink glittery mushy yadda yadda brings the question that stirs in the subconscious of every single 20-something’s head-“oh crap, why am I alone?” 

This winter holiday was designed to appreciate and value your significant other, but instead emphasizes the solitude that is your life. 

Why all the pressure? 

All these advertisements in women’s fashion magazines, television shows and newspaper articles entitled “101 ways to please your man” or “oral sex, the new alarm clock?” are cut out to probe into women’s minds.

 They send the message that if you do not worship and kiss the feet of your darling boyfriend, he will leave you for somebody younger and sexier and you will be sad and alone with your 20 plus cats. 

Not true! Valentine’s day is a holiday about love, no matter what form. 

If you are in love with your best friend, show them how much you care. 

If you are in love with your girlfriend or boyfriend, let them know how you feel this Friday. 

Instead of the usual moping around, sulking in your room counting ceiling tiles type of night, break the Valentine’s day rut and celebrate how awesome it is to be alone. 

Nobody to yell at you for not putting on pants, nobody commenting on the week old ketchup smudge on your skin, no awkward dinner with your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents filled with three hours of fake smiling jaw pain-you are single! 

This is the prime of your life; enjoy every second of this wonderful holiday with or without another person!