One Life to Live – Soap Operatic Reality

This past week, the University experienced a horrifying incident on campus. Unfortunately, UVM dealt with it poorly on all sides.

Immediately after a white student was held at knifepoint by a black male, the police were put on high alert.

Soon, the police, well informed as to the description of the offender, found who they thought was the assailant.

They then held the student up with their weapons and handcuffed her. They were looking for a him.

Were these police just following protocol?


But strict adherence to policy does not seem to be the case, as one of the officers in question supposedly has been sent to desk duty.

Soon after the incident began to spread worry and concern throughout the campus, President Fogel sent out a letter to all students, explaining the situation and apologizing to the entire community.

He then went on to explain the ideas of proposing new security procedures and examining police procedures.

Fogel also apologized to the ALANA community.

That, unfortunately, is where he went wrong.

He should have been apologizing to the entire student community-he should have been worrying about all students-not just members of the ALANA community.

This matter does not concern merely some, nor just a few, nor solely a percentage of, nor even most of the total student body-it affects everyone.

Shock and worry about the girl who was detained as well as fear and trepidation for UVM’s mass are widespread-not marginalized.

This is not a time for separatism. This is no call to arms for a narrow group. Any kind of assault and subsequent false, brutal accusation are alarms to each and every person who ever encounters such disgusting aspects of “humanity.”

Presumably, at least several people are hanging their heads in shame right now, receiving many appalled looks and piercing glares from the totality of individuals nauseated by all the aforementioned, repulsive details of crime and punishment.

And to be sure, not all of these people meant to step on any toes-but the fact of the matter is that they did. Truth be told, even the “lesser” offenses in this dire ordeal speak loudly, at least of a lack of understanding and a lack of proper insight into, frankly, human emotion.

That is actually frightening.

To think people would act upon their extreme ideals of either political incorrectness or correctness before checking in with their attachment to and connection with fellow humans is completely absurd. Heart and soul before preconceived notion. Basic humanitarian aid takes absolute precedence over artificial roles of power.

How can you care about coming out looking great when, at bare minimum, a handful of people under you, appearances aside, can be so bad? Deservedly, in no time at all, within your attempt to paint the picture a rosy red, you have revealed yourselves to us, and the revelation is terrifying.