Opinion: Conservatives bring diversity to campus life

Some may question why we chose to write a conservative Op-Ed piece on an overwhelmingly liberal campus.Despite some criticism, we have succeeded if only a handful of people have been able to open their minds to new ideas or routes to solving our nation’s, our community’s and our University’s problems.The point was not to be inflammatory, but to bring to this campus a diversity of ideas that do not usually see the light of day in the classroom or through any media outlets.Professors on campus are devastatingly liberal and, for students who are uninformed or impressionable about their political beliefs, this could be an unfortunate and unfair medium for shaping their political perspective and paradigm.What upsets us is this: for a college campus filled with young people pursuing their education, there are far too many closed minds. There are all types of diversity being advocated on this campus, and this is a good thing, but we say advocate for one more: political diversity! There is no conservative voice or viewpoint being consistently advocated in the classroom or elsewhere. In how many non-political science classes have you heard your professor speak adoringly about “President Obama?” Wake up and realize you are being indoctrinated!We get a lot of criticism, but also many compliments, and appreciations for a fresh voice. So why are two young college students conservative you ask?  We’ll tell you why: we believe as a great man once said, government is part of the problem, not part of the solution. We believe that we can be the masters of our own existence and that government should encumber the people less and play a limited role in our lives — freedom and liberty are good things.Big spending leads to red tape bureaucracy and a general reduction in our civil liberties and our financial independence.By the record of history, when the inefficient institution of government has increased its role in people’s lives, citizens’ well-beings and standards of living have not been as great.We are advocating for a change in this path.In a way, we are not conservatives; we are liberals, or at least libertarian: fiscalconservatives and social moderates.By the actual meaning of the word, a liberal is one who is favorable to progress and reform. In this sense, we are not conservative. Our goal is to change the path of the United States away from fear-filled behavior of reactionary legislation and over-regulation of private industry. We want a world where we are free in our actions, in our enterprise and in all our undertakings.This world simply cannot survive if we continue to fool ourselves into thinking that Obama will be able to support an increasing population burdened by poverty, unemployment and danger with an inefficient government.This is why we hope this campus continues to have a conservative voice — a voice of opposition to the overwhelming liberal noise.