Opinion: Some assembly required

A lot of rhetoric has been floating around campus lately about what to do about this or what to do about that, but at the end of the day, only a select few are doing something about anything.I’m not saying those few are not important — they are — but those few are not all. And all is what we need.Many students, faculty and community members are talking, so the ideas are out there, and the one thing we have going for us is that there are more of us than them.I use “us” and “them” freely, as if we’re fighting against an enemy, when really we should all work together.But when “they” do not listen to “us,” it becomes necessary to take sides.The best way to accomplish the goals of a movement is to consistently assault the system en masse. Do not mistake an organized assault with unruly mob violence though.We have heard from groups on campus — and fellow columnists — that violence and disorder are not roads to peace and unity.The most important thing that will help these causes is your involvement.Without the numbers to back up these arguments many could go overlooked and unheard.This is not the time to simply sign a petition and sit back to wait for change to come — if you want change, you need to be a part of it and only you can make it happen.Now some have recently pointed a finger and said, “Well, Farley, you sure talk a lot of talk, but what have you done?”Well, I’ve written this and numerous other columns to inform, enlighten and hopefully aggravate a few people.I do this because it is what I can do and because I cannot attend every rally, protest or board meeting as much as I want to.I attend what I can and if not, I get others to go for me.So now I ask, what have you done?  Or better yet, what more can you do?If a shrinking faculty and staff, more impending job cuts and an overall decrease in the quality of your education upsets you even on a small level: speak up!Ask questions. Demand answers.Join up with one or all of the many student activist groups on campus.All you have to do is show up to help and be a part of the struggle.Whether some of you see it or not, history is being made right now on our campus and that history greatly relies on your help and support, as well as our overwhelming power in numbers.I mean, we’re Rally Cats, aren’t we?Let’s act like it!