Overplaying race

President Barack Obama in fact may be a racist, just like you.Ok, ok, “racist” might be a little strong but here, let me explain.When Henry Louis Gates Jr., the Harvard Professor, a self-proclaimed victim of racial profiling, was arrested for breaking and entering into a house that turned out to be his own, Obama said that police “acted stupidly.”According to The New Yorker, critics said that Obama’s comment was proof of his own biases.Biases? Oh my god, stop the presses. Are you saying that Obama, the messiah of left-wing politics, may be a little biased when it comes to race?Big deal. He probably is.When those critics assume that their taxi cab driver will be an uneducated brown man wearing a turban, it will be proof of their biases.When those critics see a white man and assume he likes golf and the Sunday edition of The New York Times, it will be evidence of their biases. I recently returned from Cartagena, Colombia, where I noticed an absence of American tourists.Why, in a beautiful, affordable, tropical paradise, is there a lack of American tourists? Because every man woman and child in Colombia carries a gun and sells cocaine, of course!Black, white, whatever, we all have biases sometimes.I often doubt that the black guy next to me on the bus would enjoy my bluegrass CD. Why? Because most of my black friends don’t like bluegrass. Most of my girl friends don’t like Halo, but the PC police aren’t adding that to their campaign.It was less than 50 years ago that our parents were drinking from separate water fountains and attending segregated schools. We are at least headed in the right direction.Of course, it would be a shame to dismiss potential friends because of a predisposition, but pouncing on every incidence of bias is a waste of time.If Obama’s first instinct is to say that police acted stupidly, when he hears that a prominent African American professor was arrested for breaking and entering at his own house, I wouldn’t blame him.I would say that police frequently act stupidly, whether the suspect in question is black, white or green.I don’t know if Obama’s comment was actually rooted in his perceptions of race in the United States, but if it was, it doesn’t bother me.When these critics can find me a man — president or otherwise — who has zero biases, I will consider retracting my opinion. Until then we should take a break from playing the race card because everyone has biases.