Paying more for less

University of Vermont students may get a break from 6 percent tuition hikes this upcoming year.The Board of Trustees reviewed the proposed lowering of the tuition hike on April 12 after deliberation and a presentation by SGA Vice President Kate Ash.Instead, our tuition will only increase by 4.8 percent. Lucky us.From 2001 to 2010, UVM’s out-of-state tuition and costs have grown from $25,000 to $40,000, according to an article in the Burlington Free Press. This pending tuition hike will bring tuition costs even higher, to $42,000.UVM is one of the smallest — as well as one of the most expensive — public universities in the country. Students must consider financial sacrifice to attend this University, just as they do at other similar schools.UVM is on par with The College of William & Mary where price is concerned. A “Public Ivy” like UVM, William & Mary charges roughly $42,000 for out-of-state tuition and costs, according to their website. However, many students are feeling that their financial sacrifices are in vain.We are paying more for less.At UVM, our class size is averaged to be 23 students. William & Mary’s is less than 20.We’re paying more for larger classes. While our reported average class size is perfectly reasonable, the average is not reflective of all classes. Thirty-five percent of the classes taken by a first year will have more than 100 students, according to UVM admission’s website. In all, 73 percent of first-year classes will be above the 23 class-enrollment average. We’re paying more for room and board, where triples are common for first years, and administrative buildings, like McAuley Hall, must be turned into dorms.We’re paying more for classes where students need to sit further back and have less one-on-one time with professors.Many students expect they will need to ask for overrides to get into classes they want, and bank statements are a constant reminder of the student loans quickly gathering mass in students’ names.There’s no way around increasing tuition — cost of higher education will continue to rise until it can no longer support itself. What the University can control is how our money is used, and this is what we should be focusing on.If our tuition is going to increase steadily for years, it should be put to use to benefit students’ experience.