Popo for SGA President

Sarah Poirier. You might know her as “Popo” around campus, Sarah is currently running for Student Government Association President and I emphatically support her. I am currently an elected Senator to Student Government and have been in this position for the past year and a half. During this time, I have had the pleasure to get to know Sarah Poirier. Sarah has served on Senate for the past two and a half years, (ever since her freshman year), and has worked hard in each position she has held. As a fellow member of Senate, I have witnessed Sarah take every initiative to become a dedicated and unbiased representative of the student body. In my opinion, she is a perfect example of what a President should be.

We are very lucky that we have someone like Sarah Poirier at our university and even luckier that she is running to become our SGA President. Even though she is a fellow classmate, she is also a role model. As current chair of the Activities Committee, she is in charge of recognizing and following up with each of the student clubs in the university. Sarah is also a part of the Executive Board, a body which is comprised of the committee chairs and presides over Senate. Neither of Sarah’s opponents have held a position of the importance of the Executive Board. Each week, she and her committee meet with various student clubs, and Sarah works hard to make sure that we have everything we ask for as students. She has written numerous resolutions, which have resulted in less paperwork for clubs to fill out each semester, adding online sites for clubs to use, and recognizing clubs that have excelled in their area.

Sarah is also continuing to work with the current club sports coordinator to get more space for club sports to use as well. The reason I am writing this article is because I want the student population to be informed and aware of all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into Student Government and how we have Sarah to thank for it. Not many students are aware what the President’s role actually is, they do a lot more than sending out those weekly informational e-mails that we all get. In Senate, Sarah is definitely a leader, and someone even other Senators can look to for an informed decision. I think that the student body should be motivated by a candidate’s platform, not the claim that “girls have gone wild” for the candidate, because I certainly haven’t. Sarah’s platform intends great but attainable and realistic goals.

As with any job, prior experience definitely helps. Over the years, Sarah has worked with the Senate, members of the student body, student organizations, and UVM administration. Poirier is a well-qualified and deserving candidate for the Presidency.