Professor watch list: defending free speech

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Dear UVM Students,

We write to inform you that as members of the faculty of the University of Vermont we have signed on to the American Association of University Professors’ “Open Letter Regarding the Professor Watchlist.”

You can find the letter and all of its signatories at

The AAUP letter states:

“To Turning Point USA, the creators of the Professor Watchlist:

You claim that by creating the watchlist you “fight for free speech and the right for professors to say whatever they wish.”

But the creation of such a watchlist serves the opposite purpose. Such lists have been used since at least the 1930s to silence free speech, chill academic freedom, and harass faculty members.

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The American Association of University Professors has supported academic freedom and opposed those who seek to curtail it for more than a hundred years, and will continue to do so, because the common good depends upon the free search for truth and its free exposition.

The type of monitoring of professors in which you are engaged can only inhibit the process through which higher

learning occurs and knowledge is advanced.

We support and stand with our colleagues whose academic freedom your list threatens. Therefore, we, the undersigned, ask that you add our names to the list.”

Turning Point USA describes the Professor Watchlist as having the mission “to expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

While we stand together against discrimination directed at any group of students, we are deeply concerned about the underlying intent of this Watchlist to intimidate faculty and limit academic freedom.


141 UVM Professors:

  1. Sarah Alexander, English
  2. Eve Alexandra, English
  3. Ellen Andersen, Political Science and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  4. Kit Anderson, Environmental Program/RSENR
  5. JB Barna, Social Work
  6. Caroline Beer, Political Science
  7. Farryl Bertmann, Nutrition and Food Sciences
  8. Nancy Bianchi, Libraries
  9. Paul Bierman, Geology
  10. Sheila Boland Chira, English
  11. Adriana Borra, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  12. Antonello Borra, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  13. Vicki L. Brennan, Religion
  14. Patrick Brown, Community Development & Applied Economics
  15. Dona Brown, History
  16. Eileen Burgin, Political Science
  17. Chris Burns, Libraries
  18. Keith Burt, Psychological Science
  19. Sara Helms Cahan, Biology
  20. Sarah Carleton, Theater
  21. Jacqueline Carr, History
  22. Isaac Cates, English
  23. Sin-Yee Chan, Philosophy
  24. Yolanda Chen, Plant and Soil Science
  25. Anne Clark, Religion
  26. Selene Colburn, Libraries
  27. Michele Commercio, Political Science
  28. Catherine Connor, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  29. Meghan Cope, Geography
  30. Stephen Cramer, English
  31. Celia Cuddy, Social Work
  32. Terence Cuneo, Philosophy
  33. Daniel DeSanto, Libraries
  34. Sue Dinitz, English
  35. Prudence Doherty, Libraries
  36. Benjamin Eastman, Anthropology
  37. Maeve Eberhardt, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  38. Meaghan Emery, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  39. Joshua Farley, Community Development and Applied Econ
  40. Mary Alice Favro, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  41. Elizabeth Fenton, English
  42. David Feurzeig, Music and Dance
  43. Heather Fitzgerald, Environmental Studies
  44. Yolanda Flores, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  45. Daniel Mark Fogel, English
  46. John Forbes, Theatre
  47. Alice Fothergill, Sociology
  48. Kathy Fox, Sociology
  49. Pamela Fraser, Art and Art History
  50. Nancy Gauvin, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  51. John Gennari, English
  52. Dale Goldhaber, Education
  53. Jenny Grosvenor, English
  54. Anthony Grudin, Art and Art History
  55. Barry Guitar, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  56. Brenda Hamel-Bissell, Nursing
  57. Sayamwong Hammack, Psychological Science
  58. Susanmarie Harrington, English
  59. Nancy Hayden, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  60. Paula Higa, Music and Dance
  61. Tom Hudspeth, Environmental Studies & RSENR
  62. Jennifer Hurley, Education
  63. Adrian Ivakhiv, Environmental Studies
  64. Victor Izzo, Plant and Soil Science
  65. Tony Julianelle, Mathematics & Statistics
  66. Danra Kazenski, Communication Sciences
  67. Mary Louise Kete, English
  68. Nikki Khanna, Sociology
  69. Jane Knodell, Economics
  70. Felicia Kornbluh, History and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  71. Daniel Krymkowski, Sociology
  72. Scott Lewins, Plant and Soil Science
  73. Eric Lindstrom, English
  74. Don Loeb, Philosophy
  75. O. V. Lopez, RSENR
  76. Melissa Lourie, Theater
  77. Trina Magi, Libraries
  78. Patricia Mardeusz, UVM Libraries
  79. Teresa Mares, Anthropology
  80. David Massell, History
  81. Elaine McCrate, Economics
  82. Todd McGowan, English/Film and Television Studies
  83. Anis Memon, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  84. William Mierse, Art and Art History
  85. Libby Miles, English
  86. Beth Mintz, Sociology
  87. Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  88. Harlan Morehouse, Geography
  89. Keith Morris, Permaculture Design / Green Building
  90. Dianna Murray-Close, Psychological Science
  91. Garrison Nelson, Political Science
  92. Hilary Neroni, English/Film and Television Studies
  93. Francis Nicosia, History
  94. Sarah Nilsen, English/Film and Television Studies
  95. Deb Noel, English
  96. Teage O’Connor, Environmental Studies
  97. Patricia O’Kane, Environmental Studies
  98. Patricia O’Kane, RSENR/Environmental Studies
  99. Holly Painter, English
  100. Cyrus Patten, Social Work
  101. Fiona Patterson, Social Work
  102. Mary Peabody, Extension
  103. Janice Perry, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies
  104. Jennifer Pontius, RSENR
  105. Cynthia Reyes, Education
  106. Julie Roberts, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  107. Valerie Rohy, English
  108. Don Ross, Plant and Soil Science
  109. Kathleen Scollins, German & Russian
  110. Helen Scott, English
  111. Mary Ellen Seaver-Reid, Education
  112. Jean Sienkewicz, Social Work
  113. Riin Sirkel, Philosophy
  114. Dinah Smith, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  115. Brenda Solomon, Social Work
  116. Peter Spitzform, Libraries
  117. Clyde Stats, Music
  118. Thomas Streeter, Sociology
  119. Jennifer Strickler, Sociology
  120. John Summa, Economics
  121. Jessie Suter, Education
  122. Brian Tokar, RSENR
  123. Kevin Trainor, Religion
  124. Sarah Turner, English
  125. Chris Vaccaro, English
  126. Shelley Velleman, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  127. Shelley Vermilya, Leadership & Developmental Sciences
  128. John Waldron, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  129. Deane Wang, RSENR
  130. Jacqueline Weinstock, Leadership & Developmental Sciences
  131. Nancy Welch, English
  132. Julie Welkowitz, Leadership & Developmental Sciences
  133. Katherine Elmer Westdijk, RSENR/Environmental Studies
  134. Melissa Willard-Foster, Political Science
  135. James Williamson, English
  136. Stanley Witkin, Social Work
  137. Amanda Yonan, Biology
  138. Hyon Joo Yoo, English/Film and Television Studies
  139. Alex Zakaras, Political Science
  140. Eric Zencey, RSENR
  141. Brian Kent, English