Raising the flag for our community

This week, UVM students stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement at an organized “Black Out.”

At the event, participants dressed in all black to pose for a picture under a “Black Lives Matter” flag.

This particular flag, first raised Sept. 22, was later stolen and a new one was raised in its place.

The flag raising and “Black Out” event are clear depictions of the UVM community: a community that stands for what’s right, speaks out and demands action.

A community that has garnered national attention for flying the Black Lives Matter flag next to our nation’s colors. A community that has the opportunity and privilege to set a precedent for the state, other universities and the entire nation.

In simple words, the nation is watching.

The nation is watching a predominantly white institution stand in solidarity with a movement calling for the equal treatment of all individuals. The nation is watching a university that not only allows, but encourages its students to publicly express their opinions regarding a nationwide issue.

As a community, we must continue to stand together and speak out for what’s right. We must continue to be resilient, strong and respectful. Together, with the nation watching, we can make a difference.

The Cynic supports this movement, and applauds the efforts of our peers who are standing in solidarity with what they believe is right. Together we stand.