Random Acts of Aggravation

I have noticed a disturbing trend lately, namely that my fellow students aren’t exactly being respectful toward me. I don’t think it is at all personal, but the fact that these acts are random is a bit more disturbing. Let me start in the dorms.Throughout my dorm life, I have had a large, dripping, flaccid penis drawn on my door, my door peed on, and vomit near my door not cleaned up by its rightful owner for several days. But at least these incidents were easily decontaminated. The solutions are not so simple or inexpensive to resolve when they regard my car. My car has been doused with a creamy soup twice, used as a place to discard chicken wings, put out cigarette buts, and used as a seat which has resulted in a dented hood. My license plate has been turned upside down, my windshield cracked, a large dent placed in my passenger side door, and a fish carved into the paint. More recently, something happened that really made me mad. My brand new snow tires were slashed on Halloween, which not only cost $202 to fix, but also ruined my weekend plans which involved important obligations in Boston. Now that is just rude. I also had to pay for it out of my pocket, because my insurance deductible is $200. Splendid. But to make things more complicated, last week I was involved in a hit and run accident in the Votey parking lot. My car was hit, he ran. My car was not moving at the time, so I certainly was not at fault. I tried to chase him, but I was less than successful. So unless the police find him, I am stuck with another hit to my wallet.I am not asking for people to go out of their way to be nice to me or like me, but please don’t go out of your way to my life unpleasant. And if you do damage my car by accident, or puke in front of my room, at least take responsibility for it. You don’t even need to apologize, just pay for the damage or spray some Lysol on your puddle of vomit so the stench doesn’t waft into my room. I don’t go out of my way to piss random people off, and I hope to have the same effort from you.
Rebecca Maciel, Class of 2004