Renewing an old addiction

Envision five years from now teachers telling students not to vaporize tobacco. However unlikely this scenario may seem now, vaporized cigarettes will become a well-known and warned-against product in the near future.This battery-powered device resembles a normal cigarette, but an atomizer located within the gadget delivers one puff of a vaporized mix of nicotine and flavorings without certain additives and the tar of a regular cigarette. It also produces a fine mist when exhaled that resembles that of actual tobacco smoke.Though electronic cigarette distributers do not advertise the device as a way to cut down on tobacco intake, Matt Salmon, a spokesman for the Electronic Cigarette Association, claims “It’s a really good alternative for people who smoke tobacco.” This is due in part to the regulating option of the device’s inner chamber where the amount of nicotine can be both increased and decreased manually by the user. Despite its benefits for tobacco junkies, the FDA has prohibited the import of E-Cigarettes from China, the main supplier of the gadget, into the United States. However, enough of these vaporizing products exist in the country to continue being distributed by E-Cigarette companies on the web and in malls across the U.S. Hardly any tests or evidence have been conducted on the smokeless cigarettes, establishing a strong caution amongst health officials of the product, but no regulation from the FDA.With its increasing popularity, the FDA holds a responsibility to the American people to conduct greater research into the E-Cigarette and the true effects it has on users. Strict regulations must be imposed on the device to prevent its trendy appeal from influencing the young and old alike who do not need to become hooked on such an equally, if not more, addictive version of the common cigarette.According to a representative from, Electronic Cigarettes are unavailable to minors across the country as they contain nicotine. However, this does not mean kids and teens are unable to get their hands on the tobacco gadget. As is common knowledge, anything is attainable with money and connections, and kids have always been cleverer than adults give them credit for.Mariah Sanderson, coordinator of the Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community, cites that the risks associated with smokeless cigarettes are not as severe in terms of the risk the inhaled and secondhand smoke the device creates. Yet nicotine remains ever-present and a serious factor in the harm smokeless cigarettes are capable of inflicting on users. Additionally, she finds it worrisome the success the Tobacco Industry has found with the Electronic Cigarette in its plight to expose and normalize cigarettes in the public eye once again.