Seniors get it right this time

You are sitting in the library cramming for your biology final, and all of that coffee starts to kick in. Not in the waking-you-up kind of way — you have to pee. Do you go relieve that stabbing pain in your lower abdomen and risk the loss of your most treasured library possession, your electrical outlet? The staff of The Cynic has heard complaints about the resources available in the library, primarily about the availability of outlets. Thanks to the genius of the 2011 senior class gift, that problem will soon be fixed. They are giving us outlets! We would like to thank the class of 2011 for the truly electrifying gift.  The Cynic was shocked to find out about it.  And… we’re done with puns. To put this year’s gift into perspective, let’s take a look at what past senior classes have left us:  the class of 2010 donated a sculpture; 2009, plans for a “Park garden;” 2008 donated a hanging glass sculpture; 2007, a fish tank; 2006, a class clock. Thank you, class of 2011 for giving us something we can actually use.  You recognized a problem, and you are fixing it. The best gift of the past four years is the proposed park garden, which to our knowledge doesn’t exist. The idea was to turn the oval in the front of the Davis Center into an area of foliage and utility. It still looks the same to us. More outlets in the library means easier studying for years of crammers to come. It is important that senior classes realize the impact they can leave on the school through their class gift, if they just put a little research and thought into it. A class gift takes a lot of money; in the past five years the goals have often been more than $30,000. Students will use the new outlets in the library every day, taking away one of the many stresses of a day in Bailey Howe. That sounds like a good use of $10,000 to $15,000 to us. The Cynichopes every senior class continues to evaluate the needs of students before buying another bush for the green as their class gift. The class of 2010 wanted to leave their mark in a “unique and collaborative way,” by working with an alumnus who is an internationally-acclaimed sculptor, to place a memorial sculpture in the proposed oval garden. Although it is proposed as a central location to hold vigils on campus, we prefer a location to charge our computers. Class of 2012: Let’s get some Wifi on the first floor of Lafayette!