Senseless Attack on Delta Psi

Meyers Jay’s February 10th opinion editorial (“Hazing and Flooding and Goodbye Delta Psi”) was an un-researched, contradictory, ignorant and poorly written rant fraught not only with malice but also with glaring errors. The actions of a small handful of misguided students will not seal the fate of a long-standing, well-respected, venerable tradition of friendship, integrity and contribution to UVM and the Burlington Community, nor will the enormous expense of maintaining (alumni funded repairs were the only reason Delta Psi temporarily closed its doors) a 112-year-old 17,000 square foot National Historic Landmark. The ardor with which Meyers mindlessly attacked Delta Psi, my fraternity and the core of my UVM experience, and the careless and underhanded stereotyping of the entire Greek system at UVM had absolutely no business being put into print. I am a firm believer in the freedom of speech, but class, integrity, honesty and intelligence should be employed in the exercising of the First Amendment. I pity Mr. Jay for lacking any of the requisite attributes of a credible and respectable journalist, and shame on the editors at The Cynic for allowing such venomous, low-brow fodder to reach its readers.

Adam DevineBrother of Delta Psi FraternityUVM Class of 1997