Sleep deprivation and stress? Welcome to college

Is it just me, or has everyone else had enough, too?

I can’t get over the pity-party I just threw for myself a few minutes ago.

It’s like I’m five again, balled up in fetal position crying for mommy, but mommy isn’t coming because this is college.

As soon as I stepped foot on campus, I was overwhelmed with books to read, meetings to attend, activities to get involved with and 12,000 people I had to meet if I wanted to be “well-rounded” and make new friends. But how can I even find time to breathe?

Don’t get me wrong, college is my greatest experience and I’m enjoying the freedom.

But how can I eat, read, exercise, study, join clubs, make friends, go to work and get a good night’s sleep all in a day’s time?

It’s difficult moving into this new phase in which it is importance is overemphasized by everyone.

All throughout life, adult figures have instilled in me how vital college was for success which, in turn, pressures me to fall in line quickly with the college norms and commit all my time to excellence.

I think that’s why I’m in this fetal position — I care, and I’m exhausted from spending hours staring at dense readings and over-complex math problems. I want a break.

But I feel like when I allow myself to give into fatigue and boredom that I am not giving my all, and that scares me.

My pity-party was from the fear of failure and exhaustion, and I know I can’t be the only one, right?

Us college students don’t get enough credit for how much effort we put in, and really, we just need a nap. So friends, go to your room and go to sleep. We deserve it.

I know at times we want to give up and we’re often discouraged like I was 10 minutes ago, but in the end we will walk away from this experience feeling more accomplished and ready to take on the world.