Smoke, mirrors and MIley

The story behind an Amanda Bynes or a Macaulay Culkin is one worthy of a feature film.

Childhood years spent in the spotlight, on camera and in households across America culminate in a breakdown when these children come of age.

We can say that this is the result of our impulsive and intrusive pop culture that is obsessed with Òthe next best thingÓ.

This explanation fits perfectly into our conception of American culture, or so the government wants you to believe.

The biggest celebrities break down during periods of high tension in our society. Their status becomes a cultural distraction in times of crisis.

Think about that phone call the president makes to a professional sports team after they win a championship game. This call is simply a congratulatory message, but I wonder if he knew who would win all along. IÕm curious about all the phone calls he makes behind the scenes.

WeÕre seeing more and more of these celebrities come to a crisis and it is so convenient that we are also in the midst of a crisis in government.

President Obama has definitely made a few phone calls to Miley Cyrus this year.

ItÕs a perfect set up for our government because no one would expect it. ThereÕs reason to believe that many celebrities engage in irrational behavior because their sanity has been tried.

Celebrities engage in this behavior for the purpose of confusing the populace. No one can make sense of why Justin Bieber would sleep with a Brazilian prostitute.

Maybe he was bored or maybe heÕs just an asshole, but once you start thinking about the possibilities, youÕve already been duped.

So our government is up to something then. What theyÕve been doing all these years is hidden from the public eye.

Question the motives of our men and women who control this country; it is a simple explanation. The ruling class of the United States is one big party, our government is the cover up artist, the celebrities are the scapegoats and we work to fund the festivities.