Snow day or bust

Despite inches and inches of snow, classes continued last Thursday.

Students received a CatAlert at 5:37 a.m. informing them that University operations would be closed until noon.

As a result, students were left teased with the prospect of a snow day, yet the afternoon was filled with class as usual.

Many scheduled 11:30 a.m. classes began at noon and lasted for 45 minutes.

Some professors with multiple sections chose to cancel all classes, even those in the afternoon, so nobody would be left behind.

The Cynic thinks the administration should have cancelled the University operations for the entire day.

Burlington faced around 18.6 inches of snow. It was one of the biggest storms in recent times.

Why tease students with only a half-day? If the weather was bad enough to begin the day late, then UVM should have simply given students the entire day off.

Additionally, for those who had class on Thursday, they saw that the clean up lasted for more than just the morning. Thus, making the reasoning for the half-day obsolete.

Students who were walking to and from campus had to do so in the streets because the sidewalks in Burlington were not plowed or salted yet.

Even professors expressed concern about the half-day.

Some addressed the fact that the University was denying students the basic joy of a snow day. Others expressed concern about their multiple courses and consistency in their schedule.

The Cynic understands that the show must go on and the administration must have wanted University operations to continue if possible, but they should have made an all or nothing decision.

Next time we hope the University makes a firm decision one way or another.

Students would have preferred a full snow day to appreciate the mass amounts of snow, even if it has to come in March.