Student life thrives in cold

We might be freezing, but life is great.

Last week the Cynic reported that UVM was ranked as one of the top 20 coldest colleges in the country by College Prowler.

Winter in Vermont has been especially frigid this year.

It makes us ask the question, who in their right mind would come to college here?

The Cynic feels that UVM is awesome and part of that appeal is the cold.

We are located less than an hour from many renowned and popular ski mountains.

Skiing and snowboarding become a key part of student life when the cold begins to kick in.

This explains many class absences on good snow days.

Burlington was also ranked as the number one college town by Travel and Leisure magazine.

To all of us here that ranking seems obvious; Burlington is great.

Church Street and Lake Champlain are clear staples, but there is so much more to Burlington.

There are restaurants, shops and a unique culture that represent the people that reside here.

The short walk from campus makes all these options very accessible for students. They can be found enjoying all that the city has to offer no matter the weather.

Campus life thrives in winter too despite the necessary layers of jackets and scarves.

Winterfest started this week. It is an event presented by University Program Board to celebrate the winter months.

Free coffee in the atrium, special Feel Good sandwiches, ActivitiesFest and DC Delirium featuring Twiddle are just a couple of ways UPB is marking the winter months.

The University just received a record amount of applicants this year, up nine percent from last year.

People want to come to UVM because it is awesome.

The four seasons just add to all the great things UVM has to offer.

As for the Cynic staff, we are enjoying the winter months bundled up in the newsroom and we couldnÕt be happier.