Take a minute and think for yourself

Before you read any further, stop thinking about whatever it is you are thinking about and pay attention — I need you to do something for me; just a little something, and I promise it won’t kill you. All you need to do is take everything you think you know about the world, put it aside and start thinking for yourself for the next five minutes.Now that we’re all thinking for ourselves, let me give you something to think about:  The world we live in, friends, is run by power-hungry hypocrites.Not a new thought for you? Good. If this a completely new thought to you, strap yourselves in, you’re the people I’m talking to.For centuries, people have fought against the tyranny of their aristocratic, meritocracy-bred leaders: the fall of the Roman Empire, the American Revolution, the French Revolution.Yet, even after all that history of fighting for people’s rights, our governments are mostly still run by wealthy white men. The laws in the country are so ambiguous they can be easily be manipulated at the stroke of a pen to suit the personal morals of a select few individuals. Just look at the prohibition laws of the early 20th century. But don’t even think of starting a revolution like the ones from centuries past now. Sure, you can get away with a political movement here and there, but if you even mention overthrowing the government in this country, you’ll find yourself in prison or worse before you can say “freedom of assembly.” Personally, I don’t think a government run and led completely by and for the people would ever work without some sort of corruption leading us right back where we started. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to end, but never will.Another vicious cycle that needs to end is the religious hierarchy which has fingers in almost every aspect of modern life.The president is sworn in using the Bible. Look at the back of the dollar bills in your pocket. Abortion may be a big issue, but how many are against it purely for religious beliefs? Gay couples can’t get married in the church because it is “wrong,” yet priests have been molesting little boys for who knows how long? Love thy neighbor but slaughter thy enemy. Respect family values but have as many wives as needed. Become a martyr and kill innocent “infidels” so you can go to a paradise that may not even exist.What happened to love, respect, freedom?What happened to actually caring?Do those things even really exist, or have we been brainwashed by self-profiting, self-righteous  leaders? This is why I’m asking you to think for yourself. Question the foundation on which worldwide society is based. Never stop asking questions and demanding answers. If the answers don’t make sense, go out and make your own answers. You can now go back to whatever it is you were thinking.