The admitted students day facade

The Cynic staff is trying to get to the office but there’s a group of wide-eyed high schoolers with UVM tote bags blocking the corridor outside WRUV.

It’s hard to hate on admitted students, for we were once there, too. But for everyone already attending UVM, admitted students days are often a hassle.

Tour groups like to stop at particularly inconvenient places. The Cynic’s favorite is the landing between the second and third floors of the Davis Center. Since when do people need to walk through there?

The Marketplace is another area that becomes impossible to navigate. Parents with their newly minted college kids in tow slowly examine all the options, while UVMers all to familar with those options mumble exasperated apologies as they push through the throng.

Ever try to get tabling in the Davis Center atrium for your club or organization on an admitted students day? Forget it.

If there’s one thing AdvoCats, excel at, other than creating traffic jams in campus buildings, it’s tweaking the facts about life at UVM. It’s painful to walk by tour groups and hear AdvoCats say things that aren’t outright lies, but far enough from the truth to make The Cynic cringe.

What they tell you is that you don’t really need a computer to go to UVM because you can just use one in the library … what they don’t tell you is that the first floor of Bailey/Howe is often a zoo.

What they tell you is that you can get can get free tickets to men’s hockey and basketball games… what they don’t tell you is that it is contingent upon your willingness to skip class on a Monday morning and wait in line at Patrick Gym.

What they show you is Old Mill lecture halls and Redstone Campus dorms, what they don’t show you is Angell or Trinity Campus.

UVM is a quality school. There is no need to embellish aspects just for admitted students.Its better that new students know exactly what they are getting into.

Rather then being disappointed when they don’t get a hockey ticket, they can appreciate the amazing view from Williams fire escape, a nap in the sun outside of the library and an awesome falafel on Thursdays.

By all means, show them everything that does make this University exceptional and for god’s sake, stay out the way.