The police are not our enemy

Dear editor,

Splashed across the cover of last week’s The Vermont Cynic read “Police to bring the heat,” and, as a result, students’ disgust and dismay echoed through campus. However, we are all forgetting that the police are not our enemy – it is not us against them – they are simply here to protect us.

Imagine campus, and the surrounding neighborhood, without the Burlington Police Department.

Since arriving at school this year, the UVM Department of Police Services sent three alerting emails notifying students about robberies, physical assaults, and a sexual assault. Surely students would not feel nearly as comfortable walking around at night, whether inebriated or sober, without the cops patrolling.

As upperclassmen, many students become jaded to the party culture around them.

Hearing of people making risky decisions like driving under the influence or being taken to “detox” becomes less scary, and, sadly, more laughable.

But first-years, who for years have watched television and movies portray wild college scenarios most likely do not have the experience to smartly deal with problematic situations.

Students need to compromise more with what the police are asking of them. Compared to the police presence at other universities, the BPD are being fair and lenient: They are not asking students to stop having fun, just making sure they are doing in a safe way.

With the stress of school, everyone needs to unwind, and the police know this. Although the tickets and disciplinary actions may seem to be stopping the fun, the police are simply trying to keep the relationship between the town and the University harmonious, and the students on the right track to success.


Emily Mack

Class of 2015