Think before buying pet Easter bunnies

Dear Editor,

With Easter quickly approaching, parents may be looking for a creative gift for their children – often a soft baby bunny with a cotton ball tail.

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits and small children are not a good match, as a child’s excitable tendency can be extremely stressful to the sensitive personalities of rabbits.

Children will be expecting the rabbit to cuddle and sit in their lap, however rabbits are ground-loving animals who get frightened and become insecure easily when held…Rabbits have very fragile spinal cords and if not held properly their backs can break, without any ill intent from the child.

Most people do not realize the commitment necessary  to take proper care of a  rabbit. To find out if your household is a good match for a pet bunny, please check out the House Rabbit Network. The rising popularity of pet rabbits around Easter time has resulted in the tragic fate of abandonment.

So if little Susie is pleading for a bunny for Easter, do a rabbit a favor, and buy her a toy rabbit that she can snuggle to her heart’s content.

Let’s make Easter a joyful time for our long-eared friends.


Rachel Grandon

Class of 2015