University mourns tough loss together


This past week, the UVM community has coped with the sudden loss of one of its students, Abraham “Avi” Kurganoff.

Though this has been a difficult time for the large amount of people who were touched by Avi during his lifetime, we have witnessed a tremendous wave of support following his passing.

We at the Cynic commend the University for the comfort and respect it has offered.

Its services speak to UVM’s commitment to its students’ well-being and ability to provide assistance in the event that it is needed.

We also wish to praise and highlight UVM’s unity in the honoring of one of its members.  

Avi was extremely invested in the UVM community, participating in the Outing Club, John Dewey House for Civil Engagement and Alternative Spring Break among other groups on campus.

Students from these clubs have been among those most celebratory of his life, hosting events that include sunset hikes and ski rides in his memory.

Others around campus continue to remember him through posts to Avi’s Facebook wall, and through memorials that commemorate Avi’s favorite activities and enthusiasm for life.

Avi’s family has issued a statement expressing its gratitude to the UVM community, stating, “It was so therapeutic for us to be able to share our love for Avi with you.”

Sharing Avi’s love seems to be a part of the healing process.

It is a truly amazing thing to see UVM come together and celebrate Avi and his passion for life. The power of our community to unite in tough times like these demonstrates the values that make the UVM