UVM naightlife irks residents

Like clockwork, students flood into Burlington at the start of the fall semester and, for two or three warm nights a week, the town of Burlington becomes one giant circus.At night, students can usually be seen in groups of 10 or 20 — each pack roaming in search of an elusive house party or a good time downtown.  However, for many Burlington residents, the wild nightlife traditional to the start of the semester is bothersome and obnoxious.Many are fed up with the noise of late night promenades and the crowds of eager, usually drunk, students in the streets.As students of the University of Vermont, we must not forget our roles as responsible members of the Burlington community. UVM is not an isolated niche on a hill aboveBurlington nor is the city here solely for the student body.SGA President Bryce Jones mentioned in his first e-mail of the semester that students make up 25 percent of Burlington’s population, and thus have a huge impact on neighborhood atmospheres.It is up to us to determine whether or not that impact will be positive or negative.The Burlington community has welcomed the students of the University and has been a respectful neighbor for decades. They have supported UVM students, are proud of what we contribute to the town and are excited to work with us to strengthen and develop the community as well as the University.We must not ruin this vital relationship.Do we think it is necessary to abandon all social gatherings off campus? Absolutely not.However, students should take measures in order to minimize disturbances when going out on the weekends so that we can preserve our relationship with the local community.We propose that students travel in smaller groups of four to six people. Not only does this lead to less noise while walking in the streets, it also gives you a better chance of getting into that elusive house party. It is also helpful to have a destination in mind before you leave. Students who don’t usually end up wandering the streets aimlessly and unsuccessfully.It is also advisable to avoid drinking alcohol in public. Besides the no open container policy, the police will catch and put you in the drunk tank (jail), where they’ll leave you until you are sober.Also, do not urinate in public. Urinating on your neighbors’ lawns is not a good way to make friends and, more importantly, it makes police and Burlington residents think that UVM students are immoral and disgusting drunks.  It could also land you a seat in the drunk tank.With a bit more care, students can have better relations with the residents of Burlington.