Vote Ben Wildstein for SGA President

All of the student body at UVM has a chance to get involved in what goes on in their school. We, the students, have the chance to vote for an individual who will represent us for the next year. Elections take place on March 8th and 9th, giving all the students the power to choose a peer to lead us into what goes on at UVM. Whether you care or not what happens at UVM, the opportunity awaits you to vote for an individual who will do the best job for you, the student.

Ben Wildstein is a great guy who wants to help anyone he can. He’s running for SGA President in the next election. He’s an exemplary student, dedicated to student government, and constantly trying to find ways that will make a student’s life more enjoyable.

Whether he wants to do something or not, if it’s better for the majority of students at this school, he’s there. When SGA senators told him that asking administration for more money would be a waste of his time, he said, “Screw that, can’t hurt to try”.

The outcome was a $10,000 grant to SGA senate from the administration, to be used as SGA senate saw fit. Wildstein was pissed about this, he wanted $60,000. If given the chance, with President in front of his name, I truly believe that Wildstein could increase club budgets without increasing student fees or tuition. Among Wildstein’s many stances on issues regarding student life is his stance on construction at UVM. Not so much of a stance, but more of a constant rage, Wildstein is very outspoken about how unfair it is for students like you and I to pay for major projects like the student center and never get to enjoy it.

Wildstein believes that the buck goes much further in SGA senate than it does over in Waterman. He thinks we deserve some reparations for the construction: “While we listen to construction early in the morning at Harris/Millis, walk through ankle deep mud at the library, and park our cars in the most inconvenient of places, we also are also forced to pay for these atrocities,” says Wildstein.

To sum up my article I will say this, Ben Wildstein is a work horse. He puts in so many hours and is dedicated to making the school a better place. If given the chance to become president I feel that he will do more for the students than any other candidate. The president of the SGA has a job to represent the student. We already have tons of administration working against us, why not have a President that will work for us.