Welcome to college, Old Sport


Dear Editor,

And so this is college. No matter what first years’ expectations were and the collective fears they may have are, as UVM ends its first week and enters the next, something weighs heavily in my mind. That is, the surrealistic nature of the beginnings — the illusion and the forgery of relationships. 

It is peculiar that whole groups of people could be carried, united by the mission of seeking the spectacular in each other and in the questionably eventful community. 

For those of us who search for parties, pine for dates or wonder when there will be time for studying and for those who do not, the external perspective may lead us to press at the validity of these situations. 

Life as of current is a Gatsby party, filled with the pizazz of idle chatter and the grandeur of knowing no one’s name.  And yet, the festivities continue.  Progressing through the year, this feeling will minimize, or at least normalize. 

To the student sitting alone in his dorm, do your best to take advantage of these peculiar events.  To the party girl going at it hard and pushing the limits, make sure to realize the true worth of these actions. 

There are typically four years for all of us to make the most of college life. Take in the meaning of the existence and do not be made a fool for superficial yearnings.

The friends and experiences tangibly worth the most will be the ones that gradually develop.  In the upcoming days, weeks, years and into life yonder, be the boat that presses on against the current.

Jakob Lumbra

Class of 2015