What is going on here?

Being a Red Sox fan, I was very happy when they won the series this Thursday, but also very disappointed that several members of the UVM student body decided to celebrate by vandalizing the campus.

I have grown tired of the attitudes I read about in the Cynic and heard from my fellow students on campus. For example, no matter who reports it and how, having over a hundred containers of beer in one vehicle makes ANYONE look like a drunkard. Saying that people should expect students to be irresponsible and noisy in the community is childish. Being sprayed with pepper spray is a risk people have to take when participating in a damaging riot.

Most students are old enough to smoke, vote, and live away from home, many are old enough to drink. With age comes responsibility, at least, it’s supposed to. There’s nothing wrong with partying, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. It’s possible to have fun parties without waking up half the neighborhood, and to enjoy a ball game without destroying things. These people need to stop making the excuse that they’re “just college kids,” and take responsibility for their own behavior. Grow up, UVM.

Carrie Cole, class of ’06