Who Needs Civil Liberties When We Have Guns?

Let me rephrase: the fundamental reason for our nation to exist is to protect its citizens (remembering that our Constitution states “provide for the common defense”), while doing everything possible to preserve their rights. But protecting life comes first and foremost, after all you don’t have liberties when you are dead – that’s why Americans felt so horrible on 9/11/01; our freedom was gang raped.

I’m certainly not a fan of politics or politicians, but I trust the government enough with laws like the Patriot Act that purportedly “infringe upon our rights;” I believe it’s for our safety and personally haven’t felt any less free since the law was enacted, have you? Our Constitution calls for protection of citizens, especially during wartime, and because it was written more than two hundred years ago, there is no terrorism/preemptive war clause included. The problem of 21st century terrorism could not have been remotely envisioned by our founding fathers: America was eons different.

If anyone has studied basic psychology, he or she is familiar with the concept of ‘nature vs. nurture’ which states that personalities are based on the care we receive when we are raised and also by characteristics inherent in nature – humans enjoy being happy and being loved (for the most part) and they are a jealous species. Or I could just be called a fascist if that’s easier.

Change is indeed an irrefutable fact of history – it does occur. But another irrefutable fact of history is the fact that change does not occur: I’m currently writing when the moon is a-glowing, and I know when I wake up tomorrow morning this sun will be shining. It is nice fall weather, and I know winter is coming up soon. I know winter will be killed by a salaciously enticing spring. And to be “the factualist,” speaking of irrefutable facts of history, the concept of “lasting peace” is egregiously absurd – war has existed since man has. Etc. I would thoroughly enjoy living in a world of “lasting peace,” but this will never occur, as our enemy is content with doing whatever necessary to kill us, even losing their own lives. I do not want to coexist with a threat on my life, I’d rather go Darwinian and “kill or be killed.”

So, again, it is vehemently unfortunate that we have to live in this world where terror abounds. But it is what it is.