Who shall lead us to greatness?

It is time to change the leadership of our country and University.

While the national election coverage may be grabbing headlines, we at the Cynic believe that students should be focusing their attention on the presidential search happening on our campus.

Yes, the next president of the U.S. will certainly have an impact on our future, but the next UVM president will most certainly have a more direct impact on our immediate lives as students.

The role of president of the University is one that cannot be underestimated – the selected candidate will be responsible for shaping the path and vision for our school. If he or she decides our mission is to be the most expensive public University in the country, there is a likelihood that could happen.

According to the bylaws of UVM, “The president shall be the administrative head of the University and its constituent parts and he or she shall have the power to veto any act or resolution of any committee or other collective body within the University.” The power of the president is in no way to be considered trivial.

So who will get to hold the reigns of our precious school?

There are five candidates, all whom are scheduled to visit UVM for extensive interviews and open forums. The Presidential Search Committee will evaluate candidates and then it is ultimately up to the Board of Trustees to decide.

UVM students need to have a role in this decision. If we remain silent on the selection, the trustees remain in control, and only two student trustees represent the entire student body.

But it doesn’t have to happen that way.

Throughout the coming weeks, the Cynic will be providing information on and interviews with each of the candidates to empower students to make an informed decision. We will gauge student opinion and then ultimately endorse a candidate.

It is our hope that with the power of the student body we can rock the vote, sans P Diddy.