A new director of hockey operations brings changes

The operations director for UVM men’s hockey has a more unique story.

As operations director Noah Segall’s responsibilities include video analysis and scouting the opposing team the week before they play, he said.

Noah Segall grew up playing hockey in California and considered playing college hockey.

A new director of hockey operations brings changes PHOTO BY Patrick Langlois
A new director of hockey operations brings changes PHOTO BY Patrick Langlois

“I played some junior hockey, but I had some injuries,” Segall said. “I decided that I’d rather go get a good education at a good school than play hockey at a Division III school.”

Segall graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2014 with a double major in economics and sports management.

There, he worked with the Minutemen hockey team and NHL’s San Jose Sharks as a video analyst where he helped scout the opposing teams.

Segall has also worked on the international stage as well.

While working as the director of hockey operations at Canisius College, he was recruited by the Russian women’s under-18 national team.

“I pretty much just asked them ‘Do you have a video analyst?’” Segall said. “They said they didn’t, so I asked them if they wanted one and they said yes.”

Additionally, Segall worked during the summer with NHL phenom Pavel Datysuk, the first-line center for the Detroit Red Wings.

“Pavel wanted to give back to his hometown of Yekaterinburg, Russia by starting a hockey camp,” Segall said. “I was approached by Jay Woodcroft of the San Jose Sharks and he brought me into the camp and I’d say that I play a pretty big role there.”

Segall said Datsyuk has been incredibly off the ice as well, speaking to how dedicated he is to the game and the community he serves in Russia.

“As good of a player as Datsyuk is on the ice, he’s an even better person off of it,” he said.

Segall’s resume certainly proves his worthiness to fill Mike Monti’s role, who left UVM last year.

“I haven’t seen everything in the hockey world, but I feel like I’ve seen a lot and I’ve worked with players at all different levels,” he said. “I want to help these players get to the next level.”

The position is a year-round job that often entails weekends.

“Sunday through Tuesday are my big days,” Segall said.  “I compile everything from the weekend into a report for the coaches as well as looking at next weekend’s games, watching game film and trying to prepare for the next weekend.”

Segall believes the hockey team will do well this year, even in the midst of losing key players, like former defenseman Mike Paliotta, to graduation or turning pro.