Athletic Director receives new salary

UVM athletic director, Dr. Robert Corran, has signed a three-year contract extension.

In the new contract, which runs through June 30, 2016, Corran’s annual base salary will increase by $35,000 to $235,000.

Corran has been with UVM athletics since 2003 and since then, his earnings have seen a 68 percent increase.

Tom Gustafson, UVM’s vice president for Administration and University Relations, oversaw the contract process for Corran.

Gustafson cites the main reason for Corran’s salary increase was motivated by a comparison with other athletic directors within the America East and Hockey East that the Catamounts participate in.

Gustafson said in an interview with the Burlington Free Press, “I agreed to get him to the median of his peers.”

One example to base this comparison is University of Maine’s athletic program.

Maine recently hired Karlton Creech on a three-year contract with a base salary pay of $175,000 to begin Feb. 10.

Maine is currently ranked nineth in America East standings and fourth for Hockey East. The university currently offers 13 varsity teams.

More in line with Corran’s annual salary is UMass Lowell’s athletic director, Dana Skinner.

Skinner has served as AD since 1995 and earns an annual salary of $213,808. UMass is currently ranked third in America east standings and sixth in Hockey East.

Notre Dame’s athletic director, Jack Swarbrick, rakes in $1,026,942 annually.

At the top-mark of yearly salaries, Notre Dame boasts high-ranked and high profile teams.

Notre Dame is currently ranked eighth in Hockey East action and their athletic program fields 26 varsity teams, including football and basketball teams.

The Catamounts under Corran’s reign are ranked sixth in America East and seventh in Hockey East.

Gustafson spoke highly of Corran’s accolades calling him in the same interview, “one of the best ADs in America.”

Since being hired in May of 2003, Corran has overseen the hiring of coaches such as Kevin Sneddon of men’s hockey, Mike Lonergan and Jon Becker of men’s basketball, and Sharon Dawley and Lori McBride of women’s basketball.

Additionally, Corran led UVM hockey from the Eastern College Athletic Conference to its current league, Hockey East.

“I’m very appreciative of the fact UVM wants to see me here for at least another three years to help move some of the other projects along a little further,” Corran said in an interview with The Burlington Free Press.

“I felt we’ve made some progress here and there’s certainly more to be done.”

Corran has also helped with renovations to a number of athletic facilities, including Moulton-Winder Field home to UVM’s field hockey team.

He also assisted in creating Virtue field which is home to mens and women’s lacrosse and soccer teams.

Corran headed UVM’s fundraising program for athletics known as the Victory Club.

Since Corran’s agreement to the contract, UVM has made no public announcement about his contract extension or salary increase.