Broncos vs. Seahawks: Superbowl preview

The seasoned veteran Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos head to New Jersey to take on the 25-year-old rising star Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

Manning and Wilson joined their respective teams in 2012, though, under different circumstances.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll drafted Wilson in the third round while Peyton was sent to the Broncos.

Both quarterbacks have had great success since then.

Including playoffs, Manning is 28-7 (.800) overall, to Wilson’s 27-9 (.750).

Though a lot of focus will be on the quarterbacks, the matchup will rely on much more.

The defense for the Seahawks is ranked first against the pass and seventh against the run.

This fairs well for what should be the ultimate chess match between Peyton’s first ranked passing offense and the Seattle defense.

Seattle will try to stop Denver’s receiving core by being extremely physical, as they have all year long.

With Seattle’s secondary being so strong quick passes that allow Manning to get rid of the ball early will be the name of the game for the Denver offense.

Seattle will counter that by jamming the receivers at the line and trying to throw off the timing for the quarterback and receiving core.

It is believed that Richard Sherman, Seattle’s shutdown corner who made headlines with his NFC Championship postgame remarks of 49er Michael Crabtree, will see a lot more of Demaryius Thomas.

All else aside, the key matchup will be the Broncos’ offensive line against the pass rush of Seattle that has troubled offensives all season long.

If Peyton can stay upright and keep his eyes down field, the Broncos will come out on top. Broncos win Superbowl 48, 21 – 19.